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What is CMF Sport and Culture ?

CMF is a non-profit company established in 2019 to promote fun, fitness, community, and inclusivity.  Ceide Mille Failte (CMF) means 100,000 welcomes and represents the mission of the organization.  To achieve those ideals our goal is to open a new dedicated badminton facility in the Edmonton area.  We have noticed South Edmonton is in particular need of additional courts!   

Why Badminton?  Short answer: It's Awesome!  Long answer: Badminton as a sport embodies many of the same ideals as CMF, everyone is welcome.  Badminton is played by people on all continents (except Antarctica).  It is played by short people and tall people, the very young and very old.   A beginner can start having fun with badminton in the first hour of practice and experts could spend a lifetime mastering badminton's intricacies.  Badminton is one of the few Olympic sports where men and women can compete on the same team; in fact the 2016 Mixed Doubles Gold medal was won by a Catholic woman playing together with a Muslim man.  Can any other sport claim this level of inclusivity?  

So what is a non-profit company and why does that make sense for CMF?    A non-profit company is neither a charity nor a traditional profit-seeking corporation.  It can transact business, have employees, and earn money like a regular business.  But unlike a regular business, profits are not distributed to owners, they must be re-invested into the mission of the organization.  This could be adding equipment or services to the club, lowering prices, or adding programs, etc.  The key factor is that the more success the club has the better it is for badminton and badminton players!  

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