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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the most important part of the CMF Facility?

Members!  CMF exists for the members.  And we need a LOT of members to sign up or the new CMF facility will not be able to move forward. 

In the future we may add lessons, tournaments, group bookings, etc.  But only if these activities are in support of the members.




Where exactly will the CMF Facility be?

We can't say where exactly the facility will be until we've signed a lease with a landlord.  We currently have a very good location in mind.  It is on the south side, it has 32' ceilings and good access to the Anthony Henday and Calgary Trail.  But nothing is set in stone until a deal is signed.  

Commercial landlords are very picky and they will not rent to just anyone.  They look at your business plan and your industry and demand for your "product."  They decide if they think you have a sustainable business before they will take a chance renting to you.  Every single member we add now makes our business plan stronger and our chances of securing a top-quality facility better!

In any case, we are looking for warehouses on the south side with good access to major roads like Whitemud, Henday, Calgary Trail, 75th, etc.  Like the landlords, we are also very picky. 




What if a suitable site is not found?

If a suitable site is not found within 12 months your deposit will be refunded.  We actually have a suitable site in mind, but have not yet secured a lease.  It is possible this site will fall-through and we will need to consider others.  We are very picky for badminton.  We need high ceilings, good parking, the right zoning, and we don't want any columns in the middle our courts!


Why not wait and see what happens before joining?  

If you wait for the facility to open there are two disadvantages.  The first is that you will miss out on hundreds of dollars of potential discounts!  Check out our "Be a Part of It" page for more details.

The second problem with the "wait and see" attitude is that if everyone waits then the facility will never happen.  No landlord will rent to a club without members!  On the other hand, if we have lots and lots of members we can afford a better club.  


What happens with my deposit?

Deposits are held in CMF's bank account at the Alberta Treasury Branch.  They will not be used for operations or advertising or pay.  Deposits will not be used for ANYTHING until a lease is signed on a suitable location.  Once a lease is signed deposits may be used for interior renovations and/or equipment necessary for the badminton club.  If a suitable location cannot be found all deposits will be returned.


Can I invest/buy shares in CMF?

The short answer is: you don't want to.  Technically CMF could sell you shares, but it is a non-profit company.  By law, you would never be able to sell your shares for a profit, nor could you receive dividends.  

The best way to support CMF is to join!  Get your friends/family to join too.  Your "return on investment" is that all earnings get put back into the club to make it better!


Can I donate to CMF?

YES!  But keep in mind that CMF is not a charity.  You will not get a tax receipt as it is not a tax-deductible donation.  

Please contact if you would like to donate.

If you represent a corporation it would likely make more sense for you to advertise your business with CMF as this would likely be deductible (this is not tax advice, please confirm with your own accountant).  


Can I advertise with CMF?

YES!  Right now we are open to any idea large or small that fits with our organization.   Please contact to see if we can work out a win/win plan.  


Do you rent to other clubs?  Our organization has lost our gym bookings!

This is a very common problem!  Edmonton has at least 20 non-profit badminton clubs relying on gym bookings from schools and colleges.  Even before Covid there was intense competition for time and space.  Since Covid there has been far far less available.  Nobody knows if/when schools and colleges will rent to user groups again.  

CMF's primary priority is ensuring there are courts available for members to book.  However, outside of busy times, a portion of the facility would be available to rent.  Please contact us at for more details.

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